Test Kit


Fire and Suppression System Test Kit

2 Test Lamps
4 Fire Extinguisher Simulators
2 Adapter 120W for Test Lamps
4 Adapter 12W for Fire Extinguisher Simulators Carrying Case
Connection Wiring




UV - IR Test Lamp  

Flame Detector Test Lamp is a specifically designed portable ultraviolet (UV) source and infrared (IR) radiation for testing UV/IR flame detectors.

The unit emits a wide band of radiation which includes a special region of UV -IR spectrums and IR radiation which pulsates at a slow rate to simulate the "flicker" in a real fire.

The howed state-of-the-art electronics module allows the unit to simulate a real flame. 

The test lamp uses a highly specialized lens which allows transmission of the UV and IR radiation.

The unit has an operating range 1m from the detector. The Flame Detector Test Lamp is intended for use in military detectors applications. 



Emits UV and IR radiation similar to that
produced by a real fire
Activates UV/IR flame detectors as far as
1 m away
Highly portable
Rugged and lightweight aluminum housing
Momentary On-Off switch to conserve power
O-ring seals provide moisture resistance
Available with standard 120W adapters

Carrying case included
UV Output : UV-C Spectral Region
IR Output : Mid-Infrared Spectral Region
Operating Range : Typicially (5-25cm )depend on
optics and windows
Operating Time : 3500 hour IR and 800 hour UV
Operating Temperature : - 20°C to +70°C
Operating Humidity : 0-100% RH, Non-Condensing
Ingress Protection : IP65




Extinguisher : DUD, NORMAL, EMPTY modes                                                                                                         
Double-Shot Test
Possibility to use with external power supply
Operating with 4 x AAA battery and 12V Power Adapter
Power Input 12 VDC Adapter
Military connector connection
Indicator LEDS
High Reliability
Minimum Fire Current Tester
Weight : 520 g ± 50g
Dimensions WxDxL: 26 x 65 x 103,5 mm


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