•  Ares INCOCT Wire enables the maximum protection with complete coverage of the engine or harsh enviroments in the vehicle .
  • The wire can be used during the complete life time of the vehicle without any change need. Thanks to inconel coating and reliable technology it very sensitive to even low match fires.
  • The detector wires are completely inside the inconel coating satisfying the premium emi eme and environmental protection with nearly O false alarm rates.
  • The INCOCT Wire can resist temperatures up to 800°C and no maintenance or calibration required after or before installation.

General Features


  • Self Restoring (returns to normal after excursions up to 870° C)
  • Survival range to 870°C
  • K-Type TC components
  • Flexible
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Grounded and armoured to resist electronic interfrence
  • The wire can continue to measure even cut into pieces.
  • Operating and Storage Temperature : -55°C to +800°C
  • Thickness : 6 mm
  • Coating Material: lnconel Cover
  • Measurement Type : K type Thermocouple
  • Connection : A: Thermocouple 1
  • 8: Thermocouple 2 – C : Wire Shield
  • MIL-STD 81 0G Tested
  • MIL-STD 461 G Tested
  • MIL-STD 1275E Tested