• CBRN systems produced by Nero Industry can be used
    with military and civilian purposes.
  • CBRN systems can be used against mass destruction
    weapons, biological weapons, industrial accidents and leakage
  • CBRN Climatization  And Filtration Systems provides
    fresh air by cleaning dust particles and chemical gases
    in the air and  provides healthy inhalation by heating or
    cooling  air due to the the environment .
  • Double stage filtration systems are being used in
    CBRN systems.
  • Hepa Filter : Filters particles bigger than 0,1 micron
  • CBRN filtration systems design is based on Allied
    Engineering protocol.

CBRN Filters produced by Nero Industry can be used both military and civilianuse. CBRN Protection Systems used against weapons of mass destruction and industrial accidents and leakage. CBRN Systems provide air cleaned from contamination. Nero CBRN System consisted of two stage filters:
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absolute ) FILTER:
Used for filtration of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) such as Sarin,Mustard,Capsicine,Chlorine,Tabun,Soman and Vx in vapour gas form.
Additional adsorption of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) such as Ammonia, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Chloride, Phosgene, Sulphur Dioxide and etc. in vapour gas form.

Main Product Advantages

  • The product is 100% domestic produced.
  • Designed to provide high protection at low volume.
  • Designed with high technology to replace existing filters.
  • Compatible with MIL-PRF-14512L(EA)
  • AEP54 compliant

General Features

TYPE GF 100 m3
Weight 10,5 kg
Filter Life 20 Years (Storage conditions between -20ºCand +40ºC)
Air flow@ NBC Mode 100 m3/h
Air flow@ Peace Mode 100 m3