• Continuous Thermal Wire is being installed in armored vehicles.
  • By detecting sudden increase of temperature it activates the fire suppression system to prevent engine damages.
  • With easy installation and simple running logic, ensures to activate the engine compartments tubes by triggering signal to control box.
  • Continous thermal wires are used at low budget projects to enable reliable protection with single use acid resistant wire configuration. After each fire detection wires at the engine must be replaced to reuse the system.

General Features

  • Single Use Preset Temperature Level Sensor
  • Wide detection coverage throughout the protected compartment
  • High Reliability
  • Rigid Design
  • Cable Diameter 6 mm
  • Bend Radius : 150 mm
  • Operating Temperature -55°C to + 170°C
  • Storage Temperature -55°C to + 170°C
  • MTBF Minimum 200,000 Hours
  • Length -2m to 40 meters
  • Preset Alarm Levels : 120 -150 -170 C