AC/DC Converter

Nero lndustry design 3 Phase AC/DC Converter with effective battery charging property can be used in wide range area from military platforms to also civilian use. The converter has smart charging property provide optimum power to electrical equipments. Effective battery usage and power consumption are realized with the Nero AC/DC Converters.

AC/DC Converter monitors battery voltage level and drawn current value are monitored continuously and it provides continuous voltage and current that components need. Nero AC-DC Converters manages battery automatically when vehicle ignition switch is off or if connected to mains, network switch is in off position. it also senses the ambient temperature and converter adjusts the charging current automatically and it improves battery life. Convertor unit case is made from corrosion resistive, chromate coated aluminum material.

General Features

  • “Smart“ circuitry provides three stage charging—bulk, absorption, float.
  • Wide model range covers battery system ratings from 40-200 Amperes
  • Multiple isolated output banks; ammeter indicates total output current.
  • Optional sensor adjusts output voltage based on battery temperature.
  • Current limiting-prevents damage from overloading.
  • Charger status clearly displayed with controller box.
  • Built to chromate coated aluminum case.
  • Numerous Safety and EMI-EMC Compliances
  • Two year parts and labor warranty
  • Visual and voised alert for:
    – High Voltage Error,
    – Short Circuit Error,
    – Battery Charging Error
  • Automatic stop when engine starts.
  • Optional military type connection wires
  • Black-out mode
  • Military type connectors
  • 110 db Buzzer
  • MIL STD 810G Tested
  • MIL STD 1275E Tested
  • MIL STD 461G tested
  • MTBF time 120,000 hour
  • Remote Controller with CANBUS
  • R28100 Analog and CANBUS Output


  • Digital readout of float voltage to 1/10th volt
  • Output float voltage adjustment pot; permits fine tuning from -4% to +5%
  • AC circuit breaker; provides overcur rent protection and manual disconnect
  • AC power ON indicator light
  • 10′ wiring harness for easy connection of R28100 Series charger