AC/DC Rack Type Converter

  • 100A AC / DC Rack Type Converter provides continuous power to the components by measuring the battery voltage level and the current value drawn.
  • The converter detects temperature and adjusts the drawn current value to extend battery life.
  • Rack type converter has intelligent battery management system.
  • Manufactured considering military conditions.
  • The converter unit case is made of corrosion-resistant, chromated aluminum material.

General Features

  • The intelligent circuit system provides three-stage charging.
  • Gel Cell, Water-Based Lead-acid, AGM battery type switch selects the optimum charge-float voltages.
  • Multiple isolated output groups; ammeter shows the total output current.
  • The optional sensor adjusts the output voltage depending on the battery temperature.
  • Current limitation prevents damage from overloading.
  • Use as power supply; Dual-axis power loading without battery.
  • Protection: Current limitation, thermal protection.
  • Together with the installation, the PT-MCU for additional control and monitoring.
  • ABS type approval for battery charge and power supplies.
  • MIL-STD-461F EMI-EMC compatible.

Electrical Features

Input VAC(50-60Hz) 90-264VAC
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
AC Input Current 14±0.1A @ F.L. @ 230VAC
Output VDC 27±0.5 Float @ .5 amp load
Output Current 100 A
Power Factor 0.95 @ 230V
Maximum Output Current 100A
Output Groups 3
Battery Capacity 180-950 A/H
Operating Temperature -40°C % +55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C % +60°C
Humidity 20 ~ 90%.

Pin Diagram

DC Output

PIN A : Battery +

PIN B : Battery +

PIN C : Battery –

PIN D : Battery –

AC Input 220VAC

PIN A : L(Phase)

PIN B : N(Neutral)

PIN C : Ground