Analog Control Unit

CBRN Analog Control Units are used only in positive pressure KBRN Systems. CBRN Analog Control Units can activate and deactivate the system. Also an analog indicator is available on the unit to show the positive pressure inside the vehicle. Thanks to the power and error indicators on the analog control box, it can be checked whether the system is working or not. Analog Control can calculate positive pressure by the help of a hose coming out to atmosphere and a second hose located vehicle inside.CBRN Control Boxes have successfully passed high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, shock – vibration and EMI / EMC tests in accordance with MIL-SDT-810H and MIL-STD-461F standard.


Communication: Analog Control Unit

Indicator Analog: Pressure Indicator

Buzzer: Available

Fan Speed Adjustment: 1-Stage

Warnings: Filter

Manual Test: Available

AEP54: Compatible