Nero Industry designs a special Fire Extinguishing system in fire detection and extinguishing systems from the smallest equipment to the largest production facility. It offers cutting-edge technology extinguishing and detection systems that are suitable for all equipment in every field and that can respond to every request. It protects your property and life safety against fire.

Main fields of activity;

  1. Production Machines
  2. Transport ve Logistic
  3. Electrical Panels and Datacenters
  4. Energy Sector
  5. Industrial Production Facilities
  6. Laboratories
Industrial Factory Fire Extinguishing Systems
Nero Industry systems include fire extinguishing and detection systems specially designed for all kinds of small-scaled enterprises and big industrial factories. The status and sector of the enterprise determine type and size of fire extinguishing system and also the fire extinguishing appliance. We offer non-pressurised solid extinguishing solution, low-pressure and high-pressure clean agent options which are typically 8,5 cubic meters and gaseous, dry chemical and solid extinguishing options up to 1500 cubic meters (42 cubic meters) in fire extinguishing system.
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Laboratory Fire Extinguishing Systems
Nero Industry has extinguishers, especially for this application, with liquid, gas and solid solutions which not only provide detection in these areas, but also ensure full-automatic Fire extinguishing.
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Transportation and Logistic Fire Extinguishing Systems
Airport Ground Support Equipment Protecting your ground support equipment (GSE) is very crucial. Nero Industry has completed their research ongoing for years regarding protection of GSE and ensured the protection of equipment preferred to protect the people who manage the process from landing until take off, by domestic and national detection and extinguishing systems. When a fire affects GSE, airport operations are affected; passenger panic starts, crucial equipment becomes non-operational or in the worst-case scenario, a mission or reliability loss resulting in crucial loss and expenses may emerge. Reasons of Fire at GSE It is not an easy task to provide ground support for airlines. Ground support equipment fleets have several vehicles with great and complicated engine compartments and hydraulic systems. These vehicles are pushed to the limits to provide operational perfection and work 7/24. Nero Industry offers special system solutions for this valuable equipment by performing studies in order to determine specific fire risks and create customised solutions for the whole fleet.
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Server Rooms Fire Extinguishing Systems
The irreplaceable part of today’s world for each person and company; online banking, e-commerce and server rooms are always at high fire risk group in terms of their condition and the equipment they include. Nero Industry automatic fire extinguishing systems not only protect the valuable equipment protecting your data from being lost, but also shortens the downtime of critical business operations. Your company also faces loss of credibility and reputation after emergence of fire. Nero Industry Fire Suppression Systems can protect your data and your reputation and can protect your company from being stuck in a difficult situation before your customers.
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Wind Turbines Fire Extinguishing Systems
It is impossible to protect wind turbines against fire with traditional methods used at buildings and industrial equipment. As these turbines are built at areas far from human settlement, fire call and intervention by fire department are impossible during possible fires. Besides being in fire risk group due to thunderbolt risk as they are built on plains, valleys and high hills, wind turbines are also in highest fire risk group because of; Capacitor Cabins Control Cabins Hydraulic Stations Converter Cabins they contain. Thus, Nero Industry offers a perfect automatic detection and extinguishing system solution for these turbines. These systems are used where no user is present and automatically detect fire optionally between 3 milliseconds and 20 seconds and extinguish it optionally 250 milliseconds and 10 seconds.
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CNC Machines Fire Extinguishing Systems
CNC işleme makineleri ilk yatırımı oldukça fazla olan zamanla yatırımının karşılığını veren ve aynı zamanda günümüz sanayii
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