Auxiliary Power Unit-A20K

20 kW Special Auxiliary Power unit is designed to meet Military standards and the necessary 24 hours power supply to the command control vehicles. The system is operated by a diesel engine and the peripherals. To minimize the attendance of an operator the system is controlled by multiple sensors and transducers, therefore stabilizes continious operation. The system provides the complete system battery power , air conditioning system and hydraulic system power requirements.

General Information About the Engine

The Perkins® 400 Series engine family continues to set new standards in the compact engine market.
Developed side by side with the customers to fulfill their power generation and compressor needs in the agricultural and general industrial markets.
APU Engine provides compact power from 4 cylinders diesel engine is designed to provide economic and durable operation during prime and standby duties, hitting the key power nodes required by the customer,
The APU Engine is a powerful but quiet 2.2 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder compact package
Design features on the APU Engine ensures clean rapid starting in all conditions whilst delivering impressive
performance with low operating costs in a small, efficient package size

APU system is equipped with 8 kW A/C Compressor system, system is equipped with low pressure and high
pressure switches to protect the engine and compressor system , system triggers the A/C compressor
according to engine temperature , direct request from A/C system and A/C system pressure conditions.
There is a direct digital connection between A/C controller and APU Controller when an input is received from
the AC Controller APU engine starts and prepares itself for AC operation.

When there is no need of A/C and Hydraulic oil pressure and 24VDC , the APU engine is programmed to shut
off in12 minutes time.

The system checks the low and high oil pressure conditions and powers the hydraulic oil pump
accordingly to the need of the oil pressure in the hydraulic system.

When the battery voltage drops below the 24,5VDC the system automatically starts itself for charging the
system batteries and supplying power to the system .

The APU maintenance hatch is specifically designed to be protected from any fire occurrences.

The APU system has a superior cooling performance which is designed for desert and high
humidity conditions.

The system has a special exhaust system to reduce the noise and increase the stability of the auxiliary power
unit with double wall design .

APU engine and the vehicle both use the some fuell supply. APU system constantly measures the fuel level for vehicle«s safe return and automatically shots-off the engine when necessary. After the engine shots-off the system can be restarted by the operator, in case there is an emergency situation. However overriding the auto shot-off may result in vehicle completely running out of fuell.