Otobüs Yangın Söndürme Sistemleri

Bus fire extinguishing systems which Nero Industry designed and certificated with the substructure it has gained in Defence Industry, in accordance with UNECE R107 regulation requirements, enable to respond fires that can burst out at engine section manually or automatically. Thanks to Nero Industry’s vast product range, it can provide flexible solutions to customer needs with different agent alternatives such as FM200, Aerosol type extinguishing solution or liquid solution.

It is very important to have automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems on all light or heavy, private or commercial vehicles used for business or personal purposes, especially so as to provide life safety. Great financial losses and casualties can be prevented with an instant response.

Nero Fire Extinguishing System equipment; consist of a control unit which controls the system, detector, extinguisher tube and solution discharge nozzles that enables the response.

ECE R107 certified, Nero Bus Fire Extinguishing Systems do not harm main equipment of the vehicle, are harmless to environment and human health and makes a difference compared to its equivalents by being easily cleaned after system activation.