CNC processing machines are the equipment with high initial investment cost which gives investment’s worth in time and these are also the equipment with the utmost competitive environment at today’s industry sector. Leaving this equipment idle even for 1 minute means loss for the investor.  

The machines which operate 7/24 at critical manufacture plants are under high risk of fire both because of the work tempo and also evaporation of the refrigerating liquid they include. In case there isn’t any automatic fire detection and extinguishing system against possible fires that may burst on these machines, the whole investment would become trash within seconds.  The automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems developed by Nero Industry for CNC machines, use aerosol and FM200 systems that are completely clean, environment friendly and harmless for human health which could extinguish fire within seconds without leaving any dust or dirt against possible risk of fire on CNC machines.

Titanium Fires and Petroleum Fires
being operated by titanium increases risk of fire on CNC machines. Thus, manufacturers believe mistakenly that the fire burst on titanium itself while they turn the parts at high-speed, hydrocarbon cooled applicators. Even though a small percentage of fires start from titanium, most of them start on cooling oils. Its reason is that the burning point of oil is typically less than the half of burning point of titanium. Much more heat is needed in order to start a titanium fire compared to an oil fire. Moreover, a fire starting on cooling oils could grow easily and get heated enough to inflame titanium. The most important rule here is to detect fire quickly before heat increases and extinguish it.


Besides resulting in great harm within seconds, the fire bursting on CNC machines also result in great damage spreading throughout the facility. Even in presence of the operators, fires have resulted in irreversible damage on CNC machines several times. Nero Industry protects CNC machines against fires with high reliability; detects and supresses fire automatically before it results in great harm.