Linear heat sensor can be used as an alternative to UV-IR detector in the compartments that do not want to extinguish under 250 ms to be protected. It sends a signal to controller unit to make extinguishers activated. Linear sensor wire is economical, acid-resistant, has a simple operating logic and provide simple installation way to the vehicles.  One of the most important features is that they have a rigid structure that can reach and detect every 6mm diameter region. It has an operating temperature between -55 ° C and + 250 ° C. Thermal Heat sensor must be replaced after each fire detection.

General Features


  • Self Restoring (returns to normal after excursions up to 870° C)
  • Survival range to 870°C
  • K-Type TC components
  • Flexible
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Grounded and armoured to resist electronic interfrence
  • The wire can continue to measure even cut into pieces.
  • Operating and Storage Temperature : -55°C to +800°C
  • Thickness : 6 mm
  • Coating Material: lnconel Cover
  • Measurement Type : K type Thermocouple
  • Connection : A: Thermocouple 1
  • 8: Thermocouple 2 – C : Wire Shield
  • MIL-STD 81 0G Tested
  • MIL-STD 461 G Tested
  • MIL-STD 1275E Tested