The fire supression cylinders eliminate the pressure and the high temperature up to 2000 C generated by the RPG and ATGM attacks that hit the armored vehicle  with the refrigerant agent HFC-227EA (FM-200) gas pressurized with 42 bar inside the cylinders.
The fire supression cylinders have also successfully passed the tests such as in high temperature, humidity, low temperature in accordance with MIL-STD-810H.
The cylinder consists of four main part that manomete, safety valve, deflector and body.
The manometer provides easy monitoring of pressure, safety valve keeps the cylinder in safe working zone, the deflector provides homogen spread of the gas and the body. It has aliminum body that making it more lighter and useful than other cylinder in it’s segment. When it is active it does not leave any dust and dirt so it does not require cleaning. Pyrotechnic triggers it has, provides superiority