Nero Industry systems include fire extinguishing and detection systems specially designed for all kinds of small-scaled enterprises and big industrial factories. The status and sector of the enterprise determine type and size of fire extinguishing system and also the fire extinguishing appliance. We offer non-pressurised solid extinguishing solution, low-pressure and high-pressure clean agent options which are typically 8,5 cubic meters and gaseous, dry chemical and solid extinguishing options up to 1500 cubic meters (42 cubic meters) in fire extinguishing system.


It may be hard to protect surface and underground mining equipment against fire. Mobile equipment such as excavators and dozers include great amounts of diesel fuel, lubricating oils and hydraulic liquids. When these kinds of liquids contact hot exhaust or engine parts or an electrical fault, it may quickly turn into a fire spreading like wildfire and this may result in expensive repairments and unplanned downtime. In order to avoid such situations, Nero Industry offers a 1st class detection and extinguishing system.

Food Processing

Electric cabinets and other vital equipment can be found at each food manufacture, processing and packaging facility. These electric cabinets control machines and equipment which have critical significance for keeping production lines in operation and preventing food spoilage. We offer a unique solution to hold and isolate fire before it closes a production line or contaminate food and equipment.

Chemical Processing
Nero Industry offers completely pneumatic fire detection and extinguishing systems for fume hoods and hazardous substance storage cabinets without needing an external power supply.

Detecting fire at an early phase has critical significance in order to decrease the risk of injury for laboratory staff and the harm on pharmaceutic equipment. These systems could automatically detect fire in a short time and extinguish it, completely mechanically without needing any electricity.

Printing Houses and Paper Mills

Modern pulp and paper processing machines are complicated and high-value assets. These areas where paper dust, high temperatures and hydraulic oils exist together include high risk of fire. Even a slight fire may result in significant revenue loss due to unplanned downtime by stopping pulp or paper production line. To protect pulp and paper processing equipment against risk of fire is necessary to keep business operations and provide worker health and safety. We offer a proven solution to protect pulp and paper processing equipment.