Laboratory Discharge Systems

Fume hoods and ventilated enclosures are specially designed to include hazardous and volatile substances. Laboratory fume hoods prevent risk of chemical fume inhalation but the discharged chemical fume sticks to the pipes of fume hood in time and forms a chemical layer. Against this risk of fire, these hood pipes are completely vulnerable to fire. The presence of firing sources such as gas burners, furnaces and pyrophoric substances and natural volatility of chemical compounds and reagents result in a significant risk of fire. Enclosures isolate chemicals and fume from main space of the laboratory and it may not be detected by standard fire alarm of the buildings when a fire or an incident emerges. In order to overcome this problem, detection within each enclosure is required and this is really a hard situation while working with corrosive and inflammable matters.

Nero Industry has extinguishers, especially for this application, with liquid, gas and solid solutions which not only provide detection in these areas, but also ensure full-automatic Fire extinguishing.


Hazardous Material Storage

Hazardous material cabinets exist in various commercial, industrial and laboratory environment. These storage cabinets create a great risk for a building and its residents and these materials require the fastest detection and extinguishing because they are highly inflammable. Nero Industry offers you highest technology protection against chemical fires.