Laser Warning and Smoke Grenade System Control Unit

  • Control unit and laser sensors are available in the system.
  • The control unit has different control options which are
    automatic and manual to activate smoke grenades on the
  • In manual mode; each of smoke grenades on the vehicle is
    available as a separate or group activation option.
  • In automatic mode; The control unit detects the direction of
    laser threat by means of laser sensors on the vehicle and
    automatically activates the smoke grenades focused on the
    side of the detection zone.

General Features

  • High Speed Response Time
  • Automatic And Manual In-Device Testing
  • Automatic Smoke Grenade Activation
  • Laser Threat Detection Alarm Leds
  • Fault Leds For Each Smoke Grenade And
  • Laser Sensors In The System
  • Recording Storage for Laser Threat
  • Detection and Smoke Grenade Activations
  • Canbus (J-1939) Communication
  • Certified MIL-STD- 461, MIL-STD-810G,
  • MIL-STD-1275E, STANAG 3733
  • Dimensions WxDxL: 180 x 86 x 149 mm (±5
  • IPC A-610 Class-3 Produced PCB
  • IP67 Water and dust ingress protection
  • Salt spray test resistance 800 hours