CBRN Filtration Systems has the function of filtrating war and toxic gas agents so as to ensure healthy respiration of the crew against Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radioactive threats which are today’s war methods.

CBRN Filtration Systems has 3 different usage options. These are CBRN Filtration Systems with Positi- ve Pressure, Masked Type CBRN Filtration Systems and Positive Pressure and Independent Masked CBRN Filtration Systems. These systems are used in civilian and military fields. CBRN systems are designed and qualified as per Nato AEP 54 standards.

CBRN Filtration Systems have 3 main structures. These are Control Units, CBRN Filters and CBRN Cabin. CBRN Filtration systems have successfully passed high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, shock-vibration and EMI/EMC tests as per MIL STD 810 and MIL STD 461 standards. Besides, CBRN systems produced by Nero Industry has the capability to be mechanically integra- ted to air conditioning system of the vehicle.

CBRN Filtration systems which heats the air by the heaters it includes, can provide conditioned air to the user according to present conditions and circumstances by integrating into vehicle air-conditioner for cooling the air. CBRN Filtration Systems produced by Nero Industry are used on military, civilian vehicles, safety facilities, command shelters at ships and planes and armoured vehicles of the armies of total 29 countries.