Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear(CBRN) systems produced by Nero lndustry can be used with military and civilian purposes. CBRN protection products to make the environment safe for people and valuable assets.CBRN systems can be used against mass destruction weapons, biological weapons, industrial accidents and leakage This system provides filtered clean air to the environment by absorbing CBRN contaminants in an overpressure citadel. Cbrn Products, complying with military specification (MIL-SPEC) and AEP54 compliant.

Nero Industry CBRN filter systems are used in vehicles and ships. Nero Industry products tested at Netherlands TNO laboratories. Two types of CBRN protection products; Overpressure systems and Mask Type Filtration Systems.CBRN Systems provide air cleaned from contamination. Nero CBRN System consisted of two stage filters: HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absolute) FILTER:• Used for filtration of particles > 0.1 micron

ACTIVE CARBON FILTER:• Used for filtration of Sarin, Mustard, Capsicine.

• Chlorine, Tabun, Soman and Vx type poisonous gases.

CBRN Filtration System consists of 2 main parts which are a filtration cabin and a control box. Filtration cabin cleans the air with GF filter thanks to activated carbon inside. Blower provides a vacuum atmosphere in order to orient air flow through the crew compartment. Control unit continuously monitors the system. The system has a capacity of absorbing 4000 mg/m3 Sarin gas concentration in 0.7 seconds. Output air flow of the system ranges between 80-130 m3/h. Pressure difference between the inside of the system reaches 230-260 Pascals when the vehicle is completely leakproof. The system works with 24V and the blower consumes -12A. The whole system is between 35-40 kilograms.

System Components ; GF100 NBC Filter, Gas Filter F20, Particle Filter FP20, Pre-Filter FF20. GF Filter has the weight of 11±0,1 kg and the dimensions of 290,40 ± 5 radius and 427 ± 1O in height. GF filter contains powder type activated carbon and HEPA filter. 1 mg/min sarin exposure is blocked approximately 40 minutes.

A centrifugal blower is used to provide vacuum atmosphere in impermeable cabinet inside the NBC filtration cabin. Blower also transfers clean air to the vehicle. Blower creates 800 Pascals pressure difference at the airflowof 160 m3/h when the filtration unit is not mounted.

CBRN Sensor is used to detect whether the filter is mounted accuratelyor not. The detection of the sensor depends on the distance between the filter and top of the sensor.