Mask Type Filtration

Masked type CBRN systems are designed according to NATO AEP54 standards. The filtered clean air  in masked type KBRN systems is delivered to the crew with the help of pipes and hoses. In masked CBRN systems, masks are allocated to each crew with separate lines. According to Nato AEP54 standards, system pipelines and KBRN Filters are designed to be 9 m³ / hour for each crew in the vehicle. Nero industry Masked Type CBRN systems solution provides clean air from 2 to 17 crews. This usage can be specially designed considering customer requests. The most frequently used CBRN systems in the world are Mask type CBRN systems with Digital CBRN Control boxes. Thanks to the fan adjustment speed in these control boxes, if 10 people need filtered air in a  military armored vehicle with capability of 10 crew, the fan speed can be selected according to the 3rd last level and if there are 4, the 1st lowest level. Masked type KBRN systems have successfully passed high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, shock – vibration and EMI / EMC tests in accordance with MIL-SDT-810H and MIL-STD-461F standard. In addition, Masked Type KBRN systems are capable of working in harmony with the in-vehicle microfine speech infrastructure. Masked TYPE CBRN systems produced by Nero Industry are used in 8 different countries including Turkish army.