Generators are the systems which turn mechanical energy into electric energy and they provide continuous power requirements and energy needs of Turkish Armed Forces and law enforcement forces during battle with high efficiency at NATO standards. Generators are grouped according to their dimensions and types. Nero Industry can design, test and produce special sized generators between 2 KW and 1000 KW conforming to NATO Military standards. It produces super silent generators with 65 db sound level at 7 meters. Dual type generators which backup each other and also communicate, are other equipment of generator family. It creates solutions for the requirements of law enforcement forces as mobile and stable. Thanks to its R&D studies, Nero Industry has turned military generators into smart systems by designing IP67 control unit with electronical card which presents all errors and information to the user on digital screen and turns the system into a completely smart one; instead of the electronical boards on military generators which are produced completely by manual labour that both occupy volumetrically great place and also include components quite prone to fire and short circuit. On this control unit, the user can easily reach the information such as thermology, fuel level, pressure status, AC current, battery state of tension on digital screen. Besides, these have 2 different starting options on digital screen as automatic starter and manual starter. In case smart generators break down in the field, control unit could be changed very quickly and the fault condition can be overcome within only 2 minutes at user level. Besides, these control units present last 500 movements to the user by USB input by LOGGING feature. Smart military generators are military products which have successfully passed high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, shock-vibration and EMI/EMC tests as per MIL STD 810H, MIL STD 461F and MIL STD 1275E standards. In Turkish Armed Forces inventory more than 200 Military Generators successfully perform their duty actively at military vehicles, command shelters, rocket launchers, radar systems, mobile stations.