Overpressure Systems

Positive Pressure cBRN Systems are mainly used in military vehicles and command shelters. These systems provide filtered clean air from the moment it operates with the snail-built fans on the environment where CBRN threats  occur. The CBRN system increases the pressure of the air vehicle inside where the air is pressed to 200 pascal pressure, depending on the space volume and fan flow, appx 5 seconds after the operation. Positive pressure = Ambient Pressure – Atmospheric pressure. In positive pressure CBRN systems, air discharge is started after 200 pascal. This discharge is provided by the blast valve. blast valves prevent the pressure of the environment from exceeding 200 pascal with its adjustable spring structure. Pozitive pressure CBRN systems are designed, manufactured and tested by Nero Industry in accordance with NATO AEP54 standards. Positive Pressure CBRN systems have successfully passed high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, shock – vibration and EMI / EMC tests in accordance with MIL-SDT-810H and MIL-STD-461F standard. Positive pressure CBRN systems are generally used in military vehicles with leak guarantee and in shelters of ground control station. Positive pressure CBRN systems can work in compliance with all types of CBRN filter systems (GF, cassette type, radial type).