Radiation Detection Unit

The Mars detecon system detects CBRN threats with uses two detecon technologies (GEIGER MULLER ANDSEMICONDUCTOR SENSOR / PHOTODIOT ) to compable
in the NATO AEP – 54 standard. The system was developed on the most dangerous class gamma and neutron detecon sensivity in detectable radioacve parcles. The radiaon detecon system, which provides connuous real-me radiological informaon on military ships / vehicles,
allows the detecon and measurement of ineffecve alpha and beta raos with the gamma dose as well as the fast gamma and fast neutron doses.


– Fast response me
– Dose rate, real-me cumulave dose and in-vehicle
cumulave dose measurement.
– Use for all vehicles.
– Detecon and crew protecon (ALARA concept)
– Real-me monitoring of nuclear radiaon

The power measurement range of the ambient dose equivalent to gamma radiation is between 0-0.1 Sv/h and 0-10 Sv/h
– IP67 protected
– Connection for digital interface RS485
– Operating Temperature: -30°C to +55°C


The direct entry personal dosimeter in a damp, dust-proof housing with
high input protection is designed to be used by the army, the emergency
department and the civil defense ministry. Can be used independently or
in automatic personal dosimetry system. The dosimeter allows storage of
the dose accumulation history with a real-time reference in non-volatile material.


– Dimensions: 57x96x16 mm

– Weight: 0,14 kg

– Operating Temperature: -20°C +50°C