The irreplaceable part of today’s world for each person and company; online banking, e-commerce and server rooms are always at high fire risk group in terms of their condition and the equipment they include. Nero Industry automatic fire extinguishing systems not only protect the valuable equipment protecting your data from being lost, but also shortens the downtime of critical business operations. Your company also faces loss of credibility and reputation after emergence of fire. Nero Industry Fire Suppression Systems can protect your data and your reputation and can protect your company from being stuck in a difficult situation before your customers.


Electronic panels are units having fire risk due to circuit breaker and electric lines included in them, high tension at which they work and continuous operation conditions. These units are protected against fire by Aerosol Fire extinguishers developed by Nero Industry, which has a cutting-edge technology extinguishing system with its unpressurised structure requiring no hydraulic line and nozzle. 


Server rooms and cloud servers are the storages where the most important data, experiences of a company are stored. Any damage that may emerge on these storage units may even cause collapse of the company. Thus, these rooms should be automatically protected against fire with highest technology. Besides, the extinguishing agent that will be used in these rooms should be clean, not harming electrical equipment and not leaving any dust, dirt and rust. At this stage, Nero Industry protects these rooms with Aerosol and FM200 agents developed by themselves.