Test Kit

Fire and Suppression System Test Kit

2 Test Lamps
4 Fire Extinguisher Simulators
2 Adapter 120W for Test Lamps
4 Adapter 12W for Fire Extinguisher Simulators Carrying Case
Connection Wiring

  • Flame Detector Test Lamp is a specifically designed portable ultraviolet (UV) source and infrared (IR) radiation for testing UV/IR flame detectors.
  • The unit emits a wide band of UV radiation which includes the region of special UV -IR spectural regions and IR radiation which pulsates at a slow rate to simulate the “flicker” in a real fire.
  • The howed state-of-the-art electronics module allows the unit to simulate a real flame.
  • The test lamp uses a highly specialized lens which allows transmission of the UV and IR radiation.
  • The unit has an operating range 39.37 inches from the detector. The Flame Detector Test Lamp is intended for use in military detectors applications.


  • Emits UV and IR radiation similar to that
    produced by a real fire
  • Activates UV/IR flame detectors as far as
    39,37 inch away
  • Highly portable
  • Rugged and lightweight aluminum housing
  • Momentary On-Off switch to conserve power
  • O-ring seals provide moisture resistance
  • Available with standard 120W adapters
  • Carrying case included
  • UV Output : UV-C Spectral Region
  • IR Output : Mid-Infrared Spectral Region
  • Operating Range : Typicially (1,968 – 9,842 inch )depend on
  • optics and windows
  • Operating Time : 3500 hour IR and 800 hour UV
  • Operating Temperature : – 4°F to +158°F
  • Operating Humidity : 0-100% RH, Non-Condensing
  • Ingress Protection : IP65